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APPSC Final key for Group IV, APPSC Group 4 Final Key

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APPSC has released final key for Group IV examination after receiving objections from the candidates for the preliminary key. Candidates were surprised by seeing several wrong answers in the final key too. The correct answers given in the preliminary key were changed and wrong answers were given in the final key.
APPSC has become so negligent while providing the final key too. Candidates have submitted their objections many times since Group I preliminary key was released. Almost all the examination keys have wrong answers. Recently released Group II key is no exception. Many were shocked by seeing these wrong answers as many of them were the questions from Current Affairs and GK
As claimed by some candidates, some of the objections in the final key for Group IV are Paper Code GS/400. Paper -I Series - D are

10. Largest organ in human body is:
Primary key ans : 3. Skin
Final Key Ans : 1. Brain.
Correct Ans : 3. skin

13. Which city would be the most popular city in the world by 2025, with 39 million people?
Primary key Ans : 1. Tokyo
Final Key Ans : Deleted
Correct Ans : 1. Tokyo

25. Viswanathan Anand won the World Chess Championship for the  in May 2012
Primary key ans : 4. 5th Time.
Final key Ans : 3. 4th Time .
Correct Ans : 4. 5th time.

119. For 2010, who was selected for Raghupati Venkaiah Award?Primary Key Ans : 3. M.Balaiah.
Final Key Ans : 2. E.Nageshwara rao
Correct Ans : 3. M . Balaiah

136. Discoverer of Electron is
Primary Key Ans : 2. J.J Thompson
Final Key Ans : 1. Rutherford
Correct Ans : 2 . J.J Thompson.
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APPSC Final key for Group IV, APPSC Group 4 Final Key
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