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Punjab TET 2013 Study Material Previous Question Papers with Answers Model Papers

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Punjab state Teacher Eligibility Test (PSTET) (Punjab TET) 2012-13 Question Papers Answers Previous Year sample model papers for the recruitment of Upper and Lower Primary Teachers in Punjab 2012 Question Papers PSTET.

You can easily find PSTET Question Paper with answer or solution even you can have PSTET recruitment sample 2012| model papers 2012 for your exam preparation. We always try to put last 10 years question papers with solution, if you wont find recruitment previous years question papers with solution or answers then you can request us, or you can check all the PSTET recruitment reference books that might help you.

Here You can see, all PSTET recruitment or Placement question papers either in pdf file or in text format many of its are in MCQ (Multiple Choice Question Answers), you can download (free) all papers in pdf files, and for PSTET Exam Paper in text format , please save this page, goto File menu and Save Page.

If you are Planning to appearing PSTET exam then you need to have all or some of the following information, If you could not find here please let us know in our Facebook Page

PSTET Admit Card 2013 :
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Current Affairs November 2012 Question Answers

Current Affairs November 2012- The month of November 2012 talks about the most important happenings such as Indian women’s cricket team won the inaugural Asian Cricket Council’s Twenty20 Asia Cup 2012, World Space Radio Re launched and brought Back on Airtel Digital TV, Amitabh Bachchan Got Best TV Host Award for KBC,Union Government of India Approved Indo-Pak Cricket Series, Uttarakhand Named best Performing States in terms of Environmental standards.

Here in this section we are providing you some question and answers about Current Affairs November 2012. These questions answer will help those candidates who will attempt any competitive exam.

Question Answers on Current affairs:

Q.1- The Indian national who was appointed as the as chief economist and Senior vice president of World bank?
Ans- Kaushik Basu

Q.2-Who said “My father brought computers, we brought FDI”?
Ans- Rahul Gandhi.

Q.3-Who won the inaugural Asian Cricket Council’s Twenty20 Asia Cup 2012?
Ans-The Indian women’s cricket team.

Q.4-Who will take over as DGP of Haryana from Ranjeev Singh Dalal?
Ans-S N Vashisht.

Q.5-Which company was downgraded on the lines of earnings outlook to underperform from neutral recently by Credit Suisse?
Ans- Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Q.6-Which stock exchange was shut for 2 days because of Hurricane Sandy?
Ans- New York Stock Exchange

(Examination Held on July 03, 2011)

Paper - I
Paper - II

 Student success strategy 

Making a sound preparation strategy not only increase your score but also help you to manage your time and energy in a proper way. With good educational strategy you can learn more in less time and do other activities also of your interest. Here you will find some strategies of effective learning and how to gain more in less time. 

Goal setting 

Establish your goal yourself; goal setting must be realistic and achievable. Write what you want to achieve, how much you want to achieve, in what time you want to achieve. Goal motivates you, direct you and increase your focus towards your work. For example you can set your goal weekly or motherly in the following manner. 

Sample goal setting (for one day) 

Question practice on chapter 3
Morning 6 – 7
Making notes chapter 2
Afternoon 3-4
Leaning notes chapter 5
Evening 4-5
Concept revision chapter 4
Evening 6-7
Practice question and examples
Evening 7-71/2 
Making notes
Night  10-11

This is a sample for three subjects and for one day. You can manipulate the table according to the number of subjects to be prepared and time availability. The most important thing which must be keep in mind is that the goal setting table must be practical in nature and must be achieved well in time. 

Time management 

Most of the student don’t lack in talent and resources but fail to manage their time during their study hours. First see how much time you study daily then accordingly divides your time in different subject. Gave more time for difficult subjects and less for the easy once. Keep away your cell phone and TV sets while studying. Take some physical activities breaks of short duration in between your studies to maintain your productivity and efficiency. 

Go school daily. 

To be successful and getting good marks in your examination, make a habit of attend your classes regularly. Private tuitions can only help you to understand the subject well, but school is a place where you learn many other activities and going school is must for your overall personality development. 

Exam preparation tips 

1) Study the important topics first. 

2) Make time for revision of every subject. 

3) Study according to the syllabus of the exam not according to the book. 

4) Do some previous year exam papers also. 

5) If you don’t understand some concept or topic, never hesitate to ask from your teacher or friend. 

6) Always discuss and help other to make their concepts clear. This will also help you to make your concept more clear. 

7) Don’t study during late night. This will affect your nervous system. 

8) During your exam preparation, follow a nutritious healthy diet plan which makes you active and energetic during your study time. 

9) Try to understand the subject matter. Understanding is more important than cramming. 

10) Always believe in yourself that you can perform well during the exam.

How to maximise your score in exam

Basically you are a student than you have many questions in your mind to improve your score in exam so don’t take stress & makeup your mind to make Strategy to get a good marks in exam .Don’t waste your time in worrying and too much thinking.
Revise main point, your notes & brief summary. During exam time set your time according to your exam. Attempt all question. Short question must be attempted because these questions increase your score. Improve your calculation speed because calculator doesn’t be allowed in exam.

1.     Be confident – Relax your mind when you start preparation for exam with cool mind. Make patience.

2.     Be regular – If you started your study don’t be disturb, don’t be late & be regular.

3.     Time management - Maintain a time according your exam. Prefer to study in morning time. Time set in your mind you does this work in time period.

4.     Accuracy – You need to be more accurate and faster when you attempt your Question with accuracy.

5.     Attempt all questions – Attempt all question. Short question must be attempt because these questions increase your score in exam. In exam completed all question in time. After reading the paper set the time for every question.

6.     Get Familiar – Read all paper is carefully. Read every question three times. After reading the paper your half paper solves at a time and you did your question easily and quickly.

7.     Check paper – After solve every question you check your paper and try to find out any mistake.

If you concentrate and in proper way to follow all these point and start your study with hard work you are definitely successful in your exam and get a high score in exam.

Useful Memory Tips and Techniques

In today’s competitive world there is a lots of pressure on every student’s mind that How to succeed in the exams. The course pattern of study has become so typical. Therefore to accomplish our study and to succeed in other competitive exams students need to do more and more practice. So for better practice we are suggesting you some memory tips which will definitely help you to “commit something to memory”.

ConcentrationAccrue your interest to your study material as you show while watching cricket, movies, songs, cartoons etc. To increase your concentration turn on your T.V.  on your favorite T.V show and keep a watch near it. Now for five minutes try to concentrate only on the Clock needle without diverting your mind on T.V.

Reading Method: Speak loudly while you are reading and after reading a topic, write it 5 times. Or you can break information into smaller chunks to learn it accurately.

 Revision Plan: Take first revision with in 24 hours and second revision after 7 days. This process will increase your memory power to learn anything. 

Spaced learning: While studying take some rest. In that interval time you can go for a walk to refresh your memory. And start learning   again with a subject.

Mapping: Create a picture in your mind about a particular topic to learn it because Scientists have discovered that our eye’s muscles have much more memory as compare to ear’s memory. So visualization is best way to learn something.

Acronym: Accumulate the first words of some paragraphs and make a collection of the first letters of these words then manage this collection of words like FIRE is an Acronym for filling, invoicing, reading, e-mail.

Reintegration: Make a connection between the things you already know and the new things you have learned. This will helpful to enhance your knowledge

Make Spider notes: Spider notes are short notes that will help you to remember any information easily. You can create a diagram for a long description, table, List of names and use acronyms for which you feel problem to learn.   

So accustom yourself according to these memory tips and increase your mind power and strength because if memory serves better then you can do better.

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Punjab TET 2013 Study Material Previous Question Papers with Answers Model Papers
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